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Scooter Cougar MHBC-07 Blue
Scooter Cougar MHBC-07 Blue

- Scooter MHBC-07 Blue is the most popular children's product in the world. Scooter is designed according to Swiss standards, ensuring that the car can keep its balance.
- Children can move easily and always move with 2 legs to adjust the speed of Scooter. The hand brake system is arranged on both sides of the steering wheel to help the child fully master the speed.
- This scooter model is suitable for children aged 4-8 years. Load capacity of vehicles up to 70kg.
- Unique design of eye-catching designs and colors, Scooter is suitable for the interests of young children.

- With scooter, children can freely move, just practice health and practice reflexes and control objects according to their own will, in addition to increasing their ability to exercise, practice toughness, quick sensitivity for young and developing skeletal and muscular systems. Your child will be happy to play and move after stressful lessons.
- Just put your foot on Scooter, the baby can push and control the steering wheel to run Scooter as wish. Scooter runs very far and is both an interesting toy and help your child practice agility and dexterity.
- Parents can be completely assured because Scooter sleds encourage children to be active, help them to be active, create a balance in living and development. This is the best condition for children to develop comprehensively and comfortably after stressful lessons.

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