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Balance Bike Jianer- H3
Balance Bike Jianer- H3

Safe car structure
 Balance Bike Jianer- H3
has a maximum height of 40cm, minimum 30cm. Extremely low saddle helps children break the psychological barrier, making them feel safer and more confident when practicing their vehicles. If the vehicle shows signs of losing balance, the baby will put his or her foot down to keep his balance, very easily because the height of the vehicle will help him to touch his feet to the ground. Push the vehicle with your feet, brake with your feet, that's how to instinct and don't need any instructions. Depending on the condition, age, level of agility, the child will learn how to balance, coordinate body movement within 2-3 hours or in a few days.

Help your child practice independence
Independence Take a Jianer H3 Balance Bike whenever you go out with your baby: going on vacation, going to the supermarket, going to the park, going to school, or going to a friend's house. You will need to try to keep up with the baby who is driving in front of you, there will be no more scenes where your baby will not move you half a step or humble to ask you to carry. Help your child practice self-reliance from today.

Build your baby's confidence
Build confidence that 2-year-old baby owns a two-wheeled vehicle of his own and he trains himself to ride while you still need your mother to carry, you will see her will become so confident Come on. Self-confidence helps children become more sociable, easier to make friends, their ability to communicate better, ready to face challenges, and that is an important factor that helps them succeed when they grow up.

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