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Scooter-Blance Bike- Bicycle Nadle - 3in1 -FW03
Scooter-Blance Bike- Bicycle Nadle - 3in1 -FW03

- For babies from 1.5 to 7 years old
- The chassis is made of imported safe materials according to European standards.
- Handle adjusted to the height of the baby with 3 steps: 56cm, 66cm, 76cm
- The wheel adjusts to 2 steps, has excellent friction against drift and out of control.
- Products to help children exercise perfectly.

A versatile car baby can use from 1.5 years old to 7 years old.

During more than 5 years the baby uses different features of the vehicle to promote health.

- When the child is more than 1.5 years old: The balance bike tries to balance the feeling and move the legs skillfully and firmly. And you can go to places you want even if your child doesn't know to go without the help of your parents

- When the child is 2 to 3 years old: A bike that most of the young people want to get and also train to ride bicycles later. You can go further and go out and play with your friends

- When the child is 3 years of age or older: A Scooter promotes the child's ingenuity when matching the legs and hands smoothly to move the car. Scooter again offers a completely different experience for children. On a picnic day, my parents rode their bicycles, children used the scooter to go all over the house, windy.



- Default as a scooter

- Press the white button to the seat and turn the vehicle to switch to a balance bike (baby can sit up and walk)

- The wheel with the push button can be adjusted  (if pressed, the pedal will be connected to the baby wheel, which can cycle like a bicycle) but when pressed, the pedal will not be connected to the wheel (at that time the pedal is not available) then use it as a balance bike

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