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ANIBOX - remote control + keyboard  KM950V
ANIBOX - remote control + keyboard  KM950V

Main feature:

* Connect wirelessly via USB receiver, plug and play, enjoy wireless remote control up to 10 meters

* Built-in 6-Axis inertial sensor supports somatosensory games, convenient to operate in landscape and vertical mode for games and typing.

* Built-in Voice Search: With one-touch search key, voice commands to Android Box, Android TV

* Built-in Lithium Battery: Powered by rechargeable battery. If the mouse air in a state, the blue LED will blink slowly and off after 20 seconds, indicating that the squirrel flies into hibernation.

* System support and application Mini keyboard and mouse combination air, smart size and mobility. Compatible with Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Supports PC, HTPC, Smart TV, Android TV BOX, Mini PC and so on

The front and back of the mouse VINABOX KM950, the front is the mouse mouse function, different from the mouse model ITV KM900 flight KM950 has removed the numeric keypad on the front, the back of Km950 is designed the same. KM900 with additional keys for important keyboard operations such as TAB, ESC, SHIFT ... etc

Sophisticated in design, the KM950-V comes with a built-in voice search function, 15-key VOICE SEARCH, a Li-icon rechargeable battery, more than 10 meters 6-Asis makes movie manipulation much more accurate.


The KM950 and KM950V have two control modes:

Infrared is indicated in red, Wireless mode is indicated by green, as shown below.

To use the mouse and keyboard, you need to switch the mouse to Wireless, as follows:

Simultaneously press the OK + MENU key, hold the 3 sec. Key to switch between the two modes.

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