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Camera journey Vietmap C2

You need a storage device, so that when there is a problem with proof of review.

But you have the following problems:

+ Fear of being blinded while driving

+ Losing the focus when looking at the camera screen

Camera trouble (remove the camera, remove the memory card, remove the memory card to the phone or computer to watch the video)

All the above worries are solved by the mini-camera Vietmap Xplore C2.

Why do we dare to say so?

Its small size: 32x32x32mm

+ Camera does not have screen, do not cause general loss while driving

+ The camera is connected Wifi with smartphone to view the video and images easily.









A feature feature has been broken of the Vietmap Xplore C2 that is fast operation. Xplore C2 tích hợp the new user can be specified only, only to you scan scan camera, device will be automatically shot, write, lưu trữ 1 video với thời lượng 12 seconds, support support the most saved special



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