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Unitek - HDMI UNITEK 10M cable
Unitek - HDMI UNITEK 10M cable

- The cable is 10 meters long

- HDMI 1.4 standard cable

- The cable reaches a resolution of 1080 FULL HD image quality

- High speed 10.2Gbps cable

- Extremely good anti-interference cable, easy to install

Highlights of HDMI 1.4

1. Ethernet network transmission features

2. Audio Return Chanel Feature. This is very good, the sound goes back and forth in two directions on one HDMI cable: from TV to Receiver and vice versa. The fin is just a HDMI cable, just used to lead the image of the HD movie from the HDMI Out of the Reiciver to the TV, but watching the HD cable TV on VTC or K +, it led back from the TV running down Reiceiver 7.1 surround speakers (though plugged into the HDMI IN of the TV)

3. Support the future resolution of 4K x 2K: 4096 × 3112 !! Make sure the hairs on the ants bearded too.

4. 3D over HDMI: 3D Bluray, not 3D "Side by Side" or Over by Under 3D, which is 3D "authentic", beautiful.

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