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Tefal - Non-stock pot Character 24cm
Tefal - Non-stock pot Character 24cm

Product information:

Non-stick cookware is one of the indispensable kitchen utensils of a homemaker. To choose pots and pans with good quality, the material to make the pot / pan is very important. Tefal's high-grade aluminum alloy coated with Titanium non-stick coatings offers superior scratch resistance and durability than conventional non-stick coatings. PFOA-free lead-free non-lead adhesive material Cadium does not cause any reaction when it comes to food contact that will surely help women to cook better and safer foods. for the health of his family.

Especially, the anti-stick pot also has advantages such as:

- Limit the fatty oil splashes due to high pots suitable for fried bacon, tomato sauce, tofu and tomato sauce.

- Perfect for sticky items such as fish, crab soup, porridge, corn tea, banana tea, etc.

- Handy handle, easy grip handle when processing porridge home with young children.



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