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Supor - Pot Pressure Cooker  r - 50YA10VN-100
Supor - Pot Pressure Cooker  r - 50YA10VN-100

Supor CYYB50YA10VN-100 5.0 liter pressure cooker is made of durable stainless steel, comes with features such as cooking rice, cooking porridge, cooking soup, stew with adjustable cooking time, light and sound very comfortable.

Nồi áp suất điện Supor CYYB50YA10VN-100 5.0 lít

The product is also equipped with safety function, pressure, stable power supply and the use of dual pressure control technology and convenient cooking functions. The high pressure cooker boils water when it is cooked under normal pressure, thus reducing cooking time and reducing power consumption.

Supor pressure cooker CYYB50YA10VN-100 5.0 lit with lid closed, so that when the steam in the pot can not escape, the pressure in the pot increased and the temperature also increased, so that fast food cooked without consumption of nutrients in food.

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