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Supor- Pot Pressure Cooker - CYSB50YC10VN-100
Supor- Pot Pressure Cooker - CYSB50YC10VN-100

Information: Supor CysB50YC10VN-100 pressure cooker

* Features of Supor CysB50YC10VN-100:

5L capacity
The large 5L Supor CYSB50YC10VN cooker volume allows you to cook large amounts of food in one single time, the maximum amount of food + cookable water is 8kg, cooking rice is 2-10 cans. rice.

Infrared glaze pot
Pressure cookers inflate the infrared rays, keeping the taste delicious and nutritious in the food.

Electronic control panel
The easy-to-understand electronic control panel, a 4-digit LCD display will help you maximize your food processing needs.

10 various cooking modes, automatic
The pot has 10 processing modes such as cooking porridge, bone tunnel, soup, beans, baking ... Depending on your favorite taste, you can choose the soft, standard or medium cooked. each dish.

Safety protection system
Automatic pressure regulator with pressure regulating valve, stop valve does not open the lid when the pressure is not.

1000W cooking power and fast
Low power consumption but still ensure a delicious meal with large capacity up to 1000W to help cook fast without spending a lot of time.

Timer cooking time up to 24 hours
Delicious food at your fingertips with cooking schedules and timers off for up to 24 hours.

Two cooking pots included
Especially, the pot has two built-in pots, so that you can cook multiple dishes at the same time without having to clean the pot or put food into another container.

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