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STAUB - Heart Cocotte 12 cm Cherry 11001206
STAUB - Heart Cocotte 12 cm Cherry 11001206

The spikes under the lid continuously baste food by creating a rainfall effect, returning moisture released in the form of a flavourful and aromatic rain. With its lovely design and excellent heat retention properties, this casserole goes straight from kitchen to table.

Your Staub casserole inside-out

Cocotte inside out


Key Highlights


Basting system

State of the art self-basting-system
The basting system based on the specially contoured underside of the flat lid creates a sort of "rain effect", which continuously bastes the food cooking inside the casserole. This ensures that all the aromas and nutritional values of your ingredients are retained.



9 times more moisture

Excellent moisture distribution and retention
The lid with special spikes distributes moisture 9 times more effectively than conventional lids and retains 10% more moisture than competitors pots after cooking for 55 minutes.



lid handleForm and function at its best
The elegance and functionality of the casserole also extend to its lid and brass or nickel-based centre knob. The lid features a raised rim to serve as a spoon rest or hold ice cubes – a special technique to enhance internal condensation during cooking. The centre knob can withstand 482°F (250°C) temperatures.



Enjoy the superior benefits of cast iron
The casserole is made of enamelled cast iron. The interior of the pot is enamelled with a matte black finish and the exterior has at least one coat of coloured enamel. As a material, cast iron benefits include:

Excellent heat retention, slow diffusion and even distribution of the same, facilitating gentle simmering and reduced energy consumption.

Cold retention – if the casserole is refrigerated before serving, it will remain cool at the table.

Meals cooked in it are delicious, intensely flavoured and nutritious.

Sustainability - mainly made from glass, enamel is extremely durable.

High-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermal shocks, scratching and has outstanding non-stick properties.

Compatibility with all stovetops, including induction.

Material: Cast Iron
Shape: Heart-shaped
Dimensions: 12cm
Capacity: 350ml
Colour: Cherry Red


Nickel knob

Offers exceptional browning

Requires no seasoning

Easy to use and clean

Compatible with various stovetops



  • Before using the casserole for the first time rinse it with hot water and let it dry. Brush a little vegetable oil over the inside surfaces, heat it for one minute and then remove the excess oil with kitchen paper.
  • Increase heat gradually while cooking to avoid thermal shocks.
  • Select a stovetop that appropriately corresponds to the base size of your casserole.
  • When using induction stovetops and glass ceramic surfaces, always lift your casserole rather than pushing it, to avoid damages to the cooking surface.
  • Use silicone or wooden cooking utensils to avoid scratching the enamelled surface of the casserole.
  • The casserole can be used as ovenware.
  • The casserole is not suitable for microwave use.


  • Never put a hot casserole on an unprotected surface.
  • Allow the casserole to cool before rinsing it with water.
  • If food residues have stuck to the casserole, do not use abrasive or corrosive detergents, scouring powder or steel sponges to remove them. Instead, soak the casserole in warm water and then remove the residues with a wash up liquid and non-scouring sponge.
  • Dry the casserole thoroughly with a clean kitchen towel and only store it away when it is completely dry.
  • Though the casserole can be washed in a dishwasher, it is recommended that you clean it by hand for long lasting and durable use.
  • The lid knob may loosen over time. Therefore, check the screws from time to time and tighten them up if necessary.


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