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STANLEY - Box Level 18in/45cm,42-643


Stanley 42-643 is manufactured using American technology with a lightweight, beautiful, easy-to-use, high-precision design that is used to measure the balance and is used in the construction industry.


 Stanley 42-643 is designed from high quality cast aluminum, providing absolute durability, giving a firm feel when used. The ruler is designed for absolute flatness, anti-warping when the external force, the bottle of solution and the body size is protected to increase the life of the product. Available with easy-to-handle holes, gold-coated jars with shock protection


 Stanley 42-643 with 360-degree coloration makes it easy to see, In addition, the ruler design of the groove makes it easy to work even with round surfaces. The 3-color floating bottle design makes it easy to determine the degree


 Stanley 42-643 possesses a compact, lightweight design that can be worn for any purpose, as well as easy storage when not in use. The iron provides comfort and makes the hands comfortable without being constrained to provide more accurate measurement results

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