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Stanley- Hacksaw Stell Frame - 10


Stanley 15-565 is a genuine Stanley product launched. The product is manufactured with modern American technology, ensuring high quality, safety and durability absolute, in addition, the price offered by Stanley is relatively cheap to make its products become the top choice of many consumers.


With a high-grade design, the Stanley 15-565 steel saw is extremely durable, withstands strong bending and does not cause product warping. In addition, along with the compact, lightweight weight of the stanley 15-565 steel sawmill can be carried around in the workplace, as well as storing and storage.


The body is made of hardened steel, giving a firm look to the product, which is resistant to rust and oxidation when used in wet environments. The heavy-duty saw blade, made from high quality material, is carefully machined for high sharpness and does not damage the material when sawing.


In addition, the two adjustable angle 55 and 90 degrees to help users can use the product more convenient. Medium size, making operation easier with stanley steel saws. With the handle is made of plastic, with the trough in the formation of friction and the ability to adhere to slip when the hands sweat or sticky lubrication.

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