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Stanley- Grindstone STA4500


Stanley STA4500 is a genuine Stanley product that is manufactured using state-of-the-art American technology, tested by Stanley factory through a series of strict quality assurance and high durability. For the consumer, Stanley products gradually become the best choice for domestic and foreign markets.



Stanley STA4500 is meticulously machined from hard rock material, providing excellent grinding performance on the surface of the iron material. It is designed for 100mm discs with 6mm thickness for toughness, no warping or breaking when used. The 16mm shaft design is suitable for a wide range of grinding machines. Stanley's grindstone is an indispensable accessory for work involving repair, installation, construction etc. It has a circumferential speed maximum 80m / s

The STANLEY STA4500 is compact, easy to carry in a tool bag, and is made from durable material for durability. Products are indispensable accessories for work. The user should carefully store the product after use to ensure the longevity of the product is longer.

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