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Stanley - Multi Purpose Knife-10-804

Stanley multi-purpose knife 10-804


Stanley 10-804 multi-purpose tool with lightweight, lightweight design, the body is cushioned with a rubber coating to improve grip, slip resistance when used.


The Stanley 10-804 is made of high-strength, high-strength steel, which is capable of withstanding high impact loads, with excellent heat resistance.


Versatile 10-804 is also equipped with anti-rust and oxidation properties when exposed to wet work environment, ensuring longer life and longer shelf life of the product than the knife. usually, common, normal


The special feature of the Stanley 10-804 is its blade design with meticulous machining, which delivers extremely high sharpness for each cut, neatly cut, without damaging the material. Multi-purpose blade is designed with 2 blades, 1 blade blade, 1 blade cutter


Knives can be folded when not in use, ensuring the safety of the product. The Stanley 10-804 multi-purpose knife is used in many industries and households. Stanley's products are exclusively distributed in Vietnam, with excellent quality and durability, Stanley's Handtool will be the best choice for every customer.

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