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SOS - Bath Milk For Exclusive Pet

Ingredients: Refined solution, alkylate glycoside, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, NaCl salt, peg-6000, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Citric Acid.

1. Keeping water, moisturizing: Using advanced techniques, refining moisturizing ingredients from organisms, capable of quickly impacting on skin, keeping water for skin surface, promoting the effect of long-term moisturizing. long.

2. Smoothing; Clean the deep layer of hair roots, distribute nutrients to strengthen the hairs, make the surface of the hair soft and smooth, thick fur, bright natural colors, easy to comb without tangles, feel comfortable and soft.
3. Nutrient supply: Supplements AFG stem cells to stimulate hair follicle cells to develop effectively, quickly restore damaged hairs, nourish healthy from the root for the fibers Long hair, creating a slick feel.
4. Deodorant, cool aroma: Contains natural plant essential oils, combined with unique fragrance retention techniques, have the effect of deodorizing and preventing odor from returning, creating a natural aroma for the part Animal fur lasts more than 10 days later.

User manual:
Step 1: Wet the pet's hair with warm water, take a moderate amount of oil with the size of the pet, rub all over the body.
Step 2: Rub gently to create foam, use clean water to rinse again.
Step 3: Use a hair dryer to dry, use a comb to comb it back to make it smooth.
For best performance, re-install the above steps one more time.
Dilution ratio 1:10


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