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Pipo has just released a special looking device called "Pipo x9" which is a new version of the Pipo "x8" version released earlier this year. The design looks very poisonous and fancy.
As everyone can see the top of the Pipo "X9" looks like a desk phone or a fax machine, but it is actually a Mini desktop. Plus the design looks very fancy and looks like a tablet. It is fixed to a docking station and contains two rear ports and two USB ports. With this device you can not hold it on your hands to move like you are holding a phone on hand for daily use, and without a battery. Built-in Windows 10 and Android 4.4.
Pipo X9 is only 217x147.5x60mm and weighs 630g. It feels very compact.
8.9inch screen resolution of 1920 * 1200pixels 1080P Full HD is the touch screen is always, support the control, use, work on the machine becomes much simpler.
The X9 does not use a battery but uses a 12V charging port, which allows the box to work in high intensity and continuously.
Intel Atom processor Z3736F quad-core with frequency 2.16GHz, and integrated with Intel HD Graphics GPU.

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