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Salient features
Capacity: 10.000mAh
Material: ABS plastic.
Outlet: 2 USB-A (5V2A) (can charge 2 devices at the same time),
Battery core: Polymer, Package includes: rechargeable battery, cable
There is a light that keeps track of the remaining battery capacity in the charger. Use smart chips to customize the current, provide quick charging and protect your phone's battery.

  • Newly updated polymer A + cell

    Safer than before
    Polymer A + cell is better than other cells in terms of safety and size.

    Why should we choose polymer cell?

    Polymer cell VS 18650

    Scharge smart precision chip

    Intelligent delivery of current
    Adopts Scharge smart precision chip which enables it to automatically detect the current situation of the inserted device, and adjust the output.

    Dual-port output

    Dual USB ports can charge two devices at a time

    Wide compatiblity

    Compatible with phones, tablets, cameras and other 5V devices. Works well with Apple/Samsung/MI and various brands.

    Colorful design

    White, pink and brown, three colors for you to choose, enjoy a colorful life.

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