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 Movable Cafe Umbrella – OLT04
 Movable Cafe Umbrella – OLT04

Your garden space will become more unique and luxurious with the appearance of garden umbrellas. With unique design, high level, your space will be upgraded significantly. You will have the perfect relaxation moments as in the high-end resorts in the space itself.

Perfect feature
Easy to rotate and adjust every direction, 360 degree swing makes you easy to adjust in the direction of the sun easily, the pan provides perfect sunshade. Tables can be easily manipulated as desired without having to move the foot of the cell.

Durable material
Outdoor umbrellas use polyester fabric, which is a very popular fabric today. Polyester yarn is more advantageous when compared with traditional yarns, which are not hygroscopic, but absorb oil. These characteristics make Polyester the perfect product for water, dust and fire protection applications. Polyester's low absorption capacity helps it naturally resist stains. Polyester fabric is not subject to washing, wrinkle and stretch. It is also easily dyed and is not damaged by mold.

Polyester is an effective insulation material, so the sun shade made from this material will help the space beneath the covered umbrella becomes quite cool.
The umbrella frame is made of stainless steel, has a high durability and adds to the robustness of the product.

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