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MXQ  - Android Box MXQ M12

As an extremely powerful competitor in the mid-range Android TV box segment, the Android TV box MXQ uses the Amlogic S805 Quad 1.5 GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. Android box MXQ M12 gives users a lot of great features but the price is very low.

Android Box MXQ M12

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Amlogic chips feature outstanding performance in image processing, making the image clear, crisp and beautiful. Can be seen in the high-end android tv box ATV1200, ATV1800, android tv box M8 ... give the image real and sharp. Amlogic's latest S805 chip brings great processing power to the Android-powered MXQ box from watching full HD movies, lossless music to heavy gaming, 3D graphics.

Aiming at the consumer's desire for a high-end, low-cost configuration, the speed of processing is smooth, suited to the needs of simple usage such as reading newspapers, watching TV, watching movies online, not too strict and picky but this is the choice for you.

Android Box MXQ M12

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The exterior design looks quite similar to Minix's android tv box. Perhaps this is the design that the makers of the android tv box are aiming for because of its compact size, which has a bookmark that is behind the tv but still full of port links. This is the design of round four soup, the connection ports are made in the back and side ribs.

The Android Box MXQ has a built-in Opical optical port that allows you to output audio through your 5.1, 7.1 surround sound system. In addition, the MXQ box Android also has a 3.5mm audio port and has an AV 1 port to support the export of images and sound for the old TV. And with four USB 2.0 ports, a storage capacity of up to 32GB SD memory card, you can easily connect to external storage devices such as USB, removable hard disks and other supported devices. mice, keyboards, etc. As well as other android tv box devices, the MXQ is equipped with standard RJ45 port and built-in WiFi standard n to help speed up the connection.

Android Box MXQ M12

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Control comes with the android tv box MXQ in addition to the usual control functions on the tv box, it also has the function of learning commands from other controllers. With this utility, you can control both the tv and the box with just one controller.

The MX12 M12 is equipped with full kit including:

1 HDMI cable
1 power supply
1 remote
1 user manual
MXQ M12 is equipped with ultra-powerful processor with 4-core Amlogic M8 processor clocked at 2GHz for powerful processing. In addition to the 8-core graphics chip, the Measy B4A can process images, colors and play high-quality video such as 4K, 3D, Bluray ... Ram 2GB also for Measy B4A multitasking capabilities. Smooth and perfect.

The MX12 M12 comes pre-installed with the Android 4.4 operating system, giving users the ultimate experience. The launcher interface is customizable by its own interface for easy use on regular TVs. The large and easy-to-see icons are simple to design, and can be completely remote controlled, easy to use with everyone including the elderly and young.

Overall user interface, MXQ M12 is very easy to use. The main screen is divided into six major categories and has an additional application bar at the bottom. You can add frequently used applications, for faster access. The settings are quite intuitive and easy to use. The weakness of this interface is that it does not support Vietnamese and the audio output is not turned on.

Measy B4A

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The pre-installed video player is called 4K Player. This application supports decoding MKV compressed video, suitable for use with the control. Another option is the very popular free MXPlayer application. MXPlayer gets better subtitle, the audio selection also has a clear description and good readability. However, this application is not suitable for use with the controller, if you have a wireless mouse is easier to use.

For Blu-ray movies, you can use XBMC to view, but do not see the menu as on the VidOn Box player. Despite the powerful configuration, Measy B4A does not support DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD audio standards, the original Blu-ray audio standards. In addition to not supporting Blu-ray menu viewing, users will not have the full Blu-ray movie experience.

Currently 4K TV is not popular and the content of 4K movies is not much, mainly the performance of TV manufacturers. The 4K true-quality Blu-ray discs must be released next year. However, Measy B4A still has the ability to play 4K video as well as can display at 4K resolution.

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