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Mofit - Exercise Bike MO 2086

1. Specifications and features of MO 2086 Multipurpose Exercise Bike
- Production: China
- Weight: 7kg. With a thickness of 35mm and a radius of 460mm
- Chassis uses 1.5mm thick steel, Ф25, Ф32, Ф60
- Maximum body weight: 120kg
- Size: 1560x500x1535mm.
- 47KG; G.W.:52,5KG
- Clock display parameters: distance, velocity, time, calorie, heart rate.
- The product is equipped with 2 sets of 2kg hand strap and waist swing, the more anti-push, climbing set.
* Features and Benefits of MO 2086 Multipurpose Exercise Machine
- The MO 2086 bike is a versatile machine, suitable for many families, helping to exercise daily.
- The waist disc helps to beat excess fat on the abdomen, hips, calves. This exercise is quite good for the slim waist.
- Anti-pushing, anti-pushing exercises to help strengthen and strengthen the muscles.
- The climbing set is simply a spring loaded spring, which aims to start and relax the muscles, helping to increase confidence and mobility for the body.
- Clock display allows control of parameters: time, distance, heart rate, calorie, speed.
- You can stand up or sit when practicing. MO 2086 hand-held bike with fixed handle and handle can be combined with foot to create overall exercise for the body.
- The MO 2086 training bike is equipped with 2 sets of 2kg and 3kg sets. You only need to hold the dumbbell and do the gestures put forward, up and down for 5 - 7 minutes a day, you will have a slim biceps.

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