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Mofit - Exercise Bike Mofit MO-2082

1. Technical Information Mofit Bike MO-2082
- Product code: MO-2082
- Importer: Mofit.
- From China.
- The Mofit MO-2082 bike is firmly built from a thick steel frame, powder coated and eye-catching colors.
The product has a meter that shows the distance, velocity, time, calorie and heart rate.
- Weight flywheel: 7 kg with a thickness of 35 mm and a radius of 460 mm.
- Chassis uses 1.5 mm thick steel, Ф25, Ф32 and Ф60.
- Maximum weight: 120 kg
- Size of bicycle installation set: 860 x 500 x 1535 mm.
- Weight training bike: 24.6 kg.
- Weight: 27.1 kg.
* Features and Benefits of Buying Mofit Bike MO-2082
- With a very nice and compact design, the Mofit MO-2082 Bike Trainer meets most of the basic requirements for exercising the body.
- Cycling every day from 15 to 30 minutes with a home exercise bike helps women get a slimmer, muscular thigh and is the ultimate weight loss tool.
- For men, cycling 30 minutes a day will help the muscles of the hands, feet and legs to develop regularly and very masculine.
- For older people cycling regularly will help blood circulation well, create a healthy body, flexible ...
- For people with seizures or accidents, hemiplegia, weak limbs, regular exercise can rehabilitate walking.

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