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Micro Karaoke Ki Power

With this unique 3-in-1 microphone, the world of music is now reduced to the size of your car!
In the 21st century, the human civilization has taken a further step, which means that the quality of human life has also been significantly improved.
In addition to dining, rest, the demand for entertainment is also our special interest. Music is like a cool breeze that helps relieve stress, tension from everyday life and refreshes the soul.
With the Micro Ki Power, you can release your soul with your favorite tunes in spare time with your friends, relatives, family ... you can HEALTHY, EVERYWHERE, IN EVERYTHING. .
With new design, compact in the hand, style, sophistication, fashion.
Micro Karaoke Ki Power is small but is integrated within an extremely professional audio processing system that allows you to sing karaoke or at the bar. Now you only need to carry a micro Ki Power and your phone will be able to sing karaoke anytime, anywhere.
Superior sound quality
It is a premium accessory for the major mobile devices so the manufacturer has taken very good care of the sound quality on the karaoke microphone with speakers to bring the best experience for users.

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