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Coffee Maker- Delonghi -25.462
Place the cup under the tap and just press the cappuccino button. You will have the perfect cup of cappuccino!
Very simple to use, thanks to the screen with icons to select the amount of coffee, notice the need for descaling and adding water.
Press the button and the machine will automatically perform the cleaning program. A convenient milk container can be kept in the refrigerator when not in use.
ECAM 25.462.S
Blend cappuccino with a simple push of a button.
Cappuccino Steamer extracts foam and takes hot water.
Regular coffee breaks have never been so easy: Choose from a small, medium or large variety, try a strong or light flavor, enjoy a hot or cold drink.
Equipment can be used with coffee beans or coffee powder.
You can create two cups of coffee at a time with just one brew.
Detachable phase tools with varying capacities (6-14 gr).
Longevity coffee grinder with 13 adjustable settings.
Can adjust the amount of coffee.
Can adjust the amount of water.
The coffee mixer can be adjusted, varying in height from 86 to 142 mm.
Automatic programmable on and off switch.
Warm cup of coffee.
Cleaning alert for Cappuccino Coffee System.
Coffee pot with lid to keep fragrance.
Indicator of coffee compartment: 14 cups / 72 hours
> Disposable water tank (total capacity 1.8 liters) with water indicator.
The program automatically cleans and loses calcium.
Water hardness can be programmed.
Removable drip tray with level indicator.
The switch supplies power to the non-consumable state.
Energy-saving functions.
Feedback tones.

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