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Life - Fixed Exercise Bike Life 56

1. Technical information Fixed bicycle Life 56
- Product Code: Life 56.
- The bike uses technology & design from USA.
- Factory processing and assembly in China.
- Weight training bike: 18.5 kg.
- Weight: 20.5 kg.
- Maximum weight: 100 kg.
- Dimensions: 690 x 260 x 580 mm (length x width x height).
- The Life 56 fixed-bed bicycle has a high-strength steel frame, coated with electrostatic paint for moto paint.
- Products have outstanding colors, luxury contribute to honoring the true value of the product.
- The bike has 8 different resistance levels to adjust the flywheel to help trainers improve their training and suitability for all subjects.
- The Life 56 fixed bicycle is a magnetic bike, flywheel and belt drive that does not make noise during practice.
- Seat height adjustable to suit the wearer. Seat sat, smooth rails, avoid injury during the practice.
- Clock display: distance, speed, time, heart rate and calories consumed.

Xe đạp tập cố định

* Features and Benefits of Buying a Life Bike Bike 56
Life 56 fitness bicycles help you lose weight and reduce belly fat for the whole of your waistline with hands-on and pedicure lessons from the steering wheel that is hooked to the pedal in the smartest way.
- Calorie consumption is more effective than muscle training, which contributes to a slimmer body shape and reduces the risk of fat accumulation on the body.
Daily cycling with the 562 Fitness bike is beneficial for people with diabetes.
Products with backrest seats help the practitioner can sit in a straight back, hands clinging to the two handrails or can sit with the man lean forward and cling to the handle.
- With this 56th Life Bike, you can also adjust the height of the seat to suit every exercise.
- Daily cycling with the Life 56 Fitness Bike helps you work out and work out your weight problems effectively.

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