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Life - Fixed Exercise Bike Life 53

1. Specifications and Features of Fixed Bike Life 53
- From China.
- Butterfly: 4kg
- Brake: from
- Display: Time, Speed, District, Cal, Odo, Pulse, Scan
- Installation: Saddle-mounted fixed steering
- GW / NW: 19.8 / 18kgs
- Size of box: 620 × 255 × 530mm
- The panel shows parameters during exercise: speed, speed, heart rate.
- Heart rate function on the handle.
- There are knobs to decrease the level.
- Cars should be suitable for the elderly.

* Features and Benefits of Fixed Bike Life
- Function of the machine: foot
Just 20 minutes a day for 12 days is a real surprise.
- The handle is fixed to create the fulcrum for deep body exercises: hips, thighs, calves.
- The bike is equipped with a high-pressure, high-pressure adjustable knob, along with rotating wheels that help to support the body.

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