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Kenli- Ghế thư giãn - KSF-1238
Kenli- Ghế thư giãn - KSF-1238 Kenli- Ghế thư giãn - KSF-1238 Kenli- Ghế thư giãn - KSF-1238 Kenli- Ghế thư giãn - KSF-1238


Highlights of the KSF-1238

Inspired by the emperor's chair, the Fauteuil Wing Style KFS-1238 is a masterpiece of Danish interior design firm CARL HANSE AND SON. CARL HANSE AND SON, which is known for its high quality interior design and architectural services, is well known in the industry, especially Hans Wegners.

The seat has a large backrest, the back of the chair is high to support the back of the spine to relax comfort for the person sitting. The chair is made of metal, but is very secure. The chair is made of soft, soft mattress, outside with virgin felts, less dirt, less water, which is bright and extremely durable color.



Beautifully designed with bold European style, the chair is always preferred until now. It will bring sophistication to the living room space, softness for bedroom space, elegance for tea room space, or relaxing corner to watch movie readings.

With more than 10 years of experience, Kenli is proud to be the leading furniture company in Vietnam, bringing the best products, the most sophisticated for thousands of families. Because Kenli's underlay is "We do not sell products, we sell the value of them." Kenli is committed to bringing the best quality products and services to our customers. 

Our Kenli products - Fauteuil Wing Style, which is elaborately crafted, meticulously designed both in appearance and material, will completely satisfy the user.






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