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Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care
Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care


Eucerin Ato Control is a line of skin care cosmetic products for dry skin, irritated skin, atopic dermatitis at the passive stage and outbreak period. The product has been clinically proven to reduce dryness, relieve itching, reduce scab and increase skin surface tension. All of these effects have been proven effective for allergic skin.

1. Uses
- Reducing Itchy, Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care Skin Cream reduces redness and soothing itching instantly

- Limit the scratching of the skin due to effective itching

- Outstanding moisturizing and antibacterial properties

- Significantly reduce the loss of water through the skin

- Skin care effect of Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care skin helps reduce dependence on anti-inflammatory drugs in the itch outbreaks.

- Proving clinical research shows that care effectiveness of the product is equivalent to the effectiveness of 1% anti-inflammatory hydrocortisone cream on allergic skin.

- Suitable for adults, children and babies over 3 months old

2. Composition
Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care is a product containing compounds including:

+ Omega-6 fatty acids (extracted from Primrose Oil and Grape Seed Oil) help regenerate skin

+ Licochalcone A (licorice root extract) is anti-inflammatory, makes the skin comfortable

+ Decandiol bactericidal

+ Menthoxypropanediol (peppermint essential oil) reduces itching to bring a fresh feeling to the skin

- To minimize the risk of irritation or allergy

+ Does not contain cortisone

+ No flavoring

+ Colorless

+ Does not contain paraben preservatives


3. Instructions for use

- Clean the irritated skin

- Apply regularly to irritated skin to achieve the best effect with smooth and smooth skin

- Occasionally feeling cold or mild stinging

- Use for face and body

- To make products more effective and limit the possibility of relapses, they should be used in conjunction with:

+ Eucerin Ato Control Body Care Lotion

+ Eucerin Ato Control Facial Skin 12% Omega


Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care is not a medicine and does not work to replace medicine

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