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Highlights of the Bluetooth IPEGA 9055 Red Spider gaming console
1 Unique design
Bring your own IPEGA bloodline, this game will inherit the essence of the company, the IPEGA 9055 Red Spider blacksmith design is extremely new, its design is quite unique you will certainly. Very impressive, excited and want to ban it on hand when seen.

The IPEGA 9055 gaming console also gives you the freedom to play, designed in Asian handheld gaming, and the hand grip for this phone is well suited for the Vietnamese. In particular, the IPEGA 9055 Bluetooth gamepad can be adjusted to suit the length of the handle, allowing for adaptability to large hands or different sizes.

The IPEGA 9055 Red Spider Bluetooth handsfree is extremely handy when it comes to gaming. This bracket can be customized for different phone sizes, ranging from 56-160mm (5.5 inches) so you can keep your phone horizontal or vertical. In addition, the buttons and the need for analog are arranged reasonably to facilitate the handling of the movement or the action is smooth and fast.

2 Key Features of the Bluetooth IPEGA 9055 Gaming Red Spider
Bluetooth IPEGA 9055 Red Spider supports almost all operating systems such as Android, iOS, WinXP, Win 7, Win8.

Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0 allows you to play games with devices around 10m away from the need to plug in a lot of trouble for you. In addition to the controls of the game console is extremely sensitive to bounce good for you to play better, connected to the extremely simple equipment anyone can do. Especially the Bluetooth IPEGA 9055 Red Spider gaming handheld with 300mAh battery allows you to play continuously for 6 hours, up to 40 hours.

With so many support games, the bluetooth IPEGA 9055 Red Spider will give you the most exciting gaming experience from racing, shooting, soccer, to mario games, contra ... You will enjoy playing this hand-held game.

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