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InFocus, a US-based projector, has officially announced its latest single-chip DLP model, the IN8606. InFocus IN8606HD 3D projector is designed for home theater with many notable features, including 3D with active shutter (compatible with 144 Hz 3D glasses), ISF calibration certificate and CMS support. (Color Management System).

The Infocus IN8606HD Full 3D 1080p projector from InFocus offers a high definition image even in bright environments, up to Full HD 1080 x 1920 resolution and 1080p HDTV compatibility. Its lumens offer 2500 lumens. High brightness mode and it will last up to 6000 hours when using Eco mode of the projector. The 10,000: 1 contrast ratio ensures a deeper and whiter darker contrast ratio. In addition, the InFocus IN8606HD Full 3D 1080p Home Theater Projector can be connected to display sources via HDMI 1.4, VGA and composite video inputs and supports 3.5mm audio through input and output ports. A 1.5x zoom guide provides the flexibility to how far you can place the projector from the screen to get a certain image size. The projector comes with a variety of connectors for image sources on the back. Options include, but are not exclusive, two HDMI, S-video, and conventional VGA and composite video ports. Both HDMI ports support all 3D features with video sources such as Blu-ray players, cables and set-top boxes.

The IN8606HD supports a variety of 3D forms - including HDMI, Blu-ray, 3D broadcast, video games and PC connectivity. NVIDIA 3DTV - 1080p Full-HD viewing for maximum fun. It is compatible with 144 Hz 3D DLP glasses
Three 3D flash
Projector Infocus IN8606HD uses Texas Instruments DLP Dark Chip technology and driver 3 (DLP 0.65 "1080p S600 DC3 resolution) and integrated 3D Flash technology. of 48 Hz (24 for the right eye and 24 for the left) to 144 Hz
ISFccc and Color Management
Infocus IN8606HD projector enables right-handed color calibration out of the box, including 2D stand-alone and 3D color control and various preset modes and user modes. In addition, the IN8606HD is ISFccc-certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). ISFccc includes two optimization modes: ISF on and ISF on night
3D Infocus IN8606HD projector has on-board 10W speakers and SRS WOW HD technology. You can take this complete home cinema system anywhere. No additional audio equipment is needed
UNISHAPE lamp technology
UNISHAPE (Universal Technology Shaped Lamp Light) shapes light to provide the best possible picture output per millisecond of video - in contrast to dark scenes, for example, and offers more color variations. and brightness exactly where its needed. The light wave form is repeated in sync with the image processor and the color of the IN8606HD wheel to achieve the best image output possible.
• Up to 40% brighter
• At least 60% less noise dithering
• At least 80% color
• Up to 100% higher contrast ratio
Dynamic Dimming
Especially for dark scenes, conventional technology has problems with color reproduction and unsatisfactory contrast. UNISHAPE with Dynamic Dimming adapts to the milliseconds accurately the difference in brightness of the image. That leads to higher contrast and black-and-black.
• Up to 43% color in dark scenes
• Higher contrast ratio
• Replaces the need for a mechanical aperture
• Allows small projection designs
Low pulse
Above all, UNISHAPE reduces the micro-precision of the power of light to match the image providing more color and better color gradation. Each 50% of the pulse low doubles the number of true colors and half the noise dithering.
• Increased bit depth of color
• Multiple colors (1-2 additional bits per color).
• Improved color gradients
• Improved image performance of dark frames
This is the solution to the problems that arise when the brightness of the image is reduced in existing technologies due to enhanced color and video enhancement. UNISHAPE adopts this effect by adapting the output of the auto lamp to the color wheel segment.
• Up to 40%
• Flexible color correction
Adjustment • Loss of white point
• Full digital control

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