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HP C9374A Inkjet Print Cartridge (72) - HP genuine gray ink cartridge, fast drying, anti-blotting, creates an optimal printing system for all businesses. A high performance 130ml cartridge reduces printing costs and ensures stable operation.

Lower cost, smoother printing
The HP C9374A inkjet printer design is easy to assemble and manage, while ensuring environmentally friendly elements. HP inkjet print cartridges allow you to print fast, fast dry prints with excellent anti-blot.

Mực in phun HP C9374A - Gray

HP C9374A Inkjet Cartridge is a gray ink cartridge for HP printers:

 + HP Designjet T1100 / T1120

 + HP Designjet T610 / T770 / T790

 + HP Designjet T1200 / T1300 / T2300

Quality toner genuine
HP C9374A (72) inkjet cartridges are always recommended to maintain optimum printer compatibility and stable ink quality: no melt, toner ... In addition, the HP C9374A ink cartridge helps Improved spray nozzle protection, ensuring continuous and efficient printing.

Create a live color system
The HP C9374A (72) ink jet is a gray ink jet that plays an important role in the 6-color ink set. Inks are manufactured in accordance with sealed standards without impurities, meeting international standards to ensure a satisfactory result. Thanks to that, the prints keep vibrant colors, beautiful as the original image, meet the needs of printing photos, print calendars, pictures or banner advertising ...

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