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The Lenovo Ministation was designed by HUGE, who designed the XBOX before, with the impressive, unique design of the Lenovo Android box that helped it win the IF Design World Design Award in 2016.
Designed with solid square cubicles, the centerpiece is a unique space and is equipped with parallel leds that help transform the Lenovo not only as an entertainment device but as a technological gadget. Aesthetic and decorative in your room.
Lenovo ministation boasts the impressive design award of the IF Design world magazine
Lenovo Ministation - A Whole New Experience:
Lenovo provides hardware and distribution sales for Ministation. At first glance, this Lenovo Smart Box is quite like Ouya or nVidia Shield TV is also based on Android. But more impressive is that thanks to the latest Android games will be controlled on the phone or gamepad through the exclusive application Ministation.
The special feature of the Lenovo android box is that it owns Tencent's multi-million dollar exclusive app, the Ministaion, which offers a great experience that can not be found in other Android boxes.
Ministation makes it easy to control the box, especially used for gaming with Tencent's ultimate game console on the Lenovo Ministation box.
This ministation control application supports both Android and Iphone phones, making it easy to control, touch the TV screen, and enter text easily on your phone screen.
Actually, with the Ministation utility, your Android box does not need to use a normal remote.
Enthusiastically competing with dedicated gaming devices like Playstation, Nvidia Shield, Xbox, and Lenovo Ministation, this game offers an exciting and impressive gaming experience with the Mobile Game Console. .
Lenovo Ministation has integrated the most popular Android game store with full license on the device, customers just download, connect to the game pad or phone to play.

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