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After the HIMEDIA Q10 Pro came out and heated up the Android box world, the HIMEDIA Q5 Pro with its Hisilicon Huawei Hi3798C V200 chip, but removed the hard drive bay and configured the HIMEDIA Q10 Pro a little bit with the HIMEDIA Q10 Pro. Cheap prices received 5000 orders just in the first day.
HIMEDIA Q5 PRO with platinum aluminum body exemplifies elegance
HDR, or High Dynamic Range, which delivers picture quality with vibrant vibrant colors up to 1 billion colors. You'll experience better color quality, better brightness, a deeper contrast, "an amazingly realistic image."
HIMEDIA has always been impressed with the special KODI playing capabilities associated with the Himedia Wrapper, which keeps KODI smooth, optimized with supported hardware. KODI HIMEDIA is a good online video player that plays offline well, it processes all types of ISO video files, 3D ISO, 4K HDR ... 4K60 Ultra-HD, HDR10, 10bit color, 7.1 HD-Audio, and 3D ISO support. Kodi.
 Huawei Launches 2016 Hisilicon Hi3798C V200 Chipset with Quad Core 64bit Cortex A53 Processor with Mali-720P GPU The 8th Core has made the HIMEDIA Q5 Pro a remarkable performance in the usual Android Boxes. With the Mali-720P GPU, it's five times faster than the Mali 450P in other products.
4K60 H.265 / HEVC VIA HDMI 2.0
Q5 Pro supports hardware decoding of H.265 video with image quality up to Ultra-HD 4K 60fps.
HiMedia Q5 Pro supports all HD-Audio formats. Dolby True-HD, Dolby True-HD ATMOS, DTS: X, DTS-HD MA 5.1 / 7.1 LPCM, DTS, Dolby Digital AC3 all can be downmixed and bitstreamed (passthrough processing deliciously by default Himedia Player or Any version of KODI comes with HIMEDIA wrapper.
Gigabyte Lan Manh
The combination of Gigabit Ethernet and the extremely powerful graphics processor Mali-720 GPU and HIMEDIA Video Player player allow you to stream large video bitrates that are faster and stronger than anything imaginable even for the most demanding applications. video 4K60 @fps the highest quality. It is possible to download files up to 240Mbit bitrate
KODI Wrapper
Kodi 16.1 is pre-installed (TBC). Any version of Kodi can be modified by an easy to install HiMedia patch (called a 'wrapper') for 7.1 HD-Audio, 4K60, 10bit color, and 3D ISO support in Kodi. A unique feature to the HiMedia box Android and allows you to grasp the media management champion Kodi with unmatched format and image quality support of HiMedia.
Android is version 5.1 "Lollipop". The HIMEDIA Q5 Pro has a pre-installed GOOGLE Play with access to all applications, allowing easy application installation. Pre-installed Chrome browser with Flash 11 and HTML5. Featured Android applications like BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Skype, Netflix ... are compatible.
2GB RAM + 8G EMMC Memory
Powerful 2GB DDR3 RAM with 8GB of internal memory. EMMC provides up to 5x faster write and write speeds than regular Flash memory.
23,976 / 29,976 AUTO FRAME Video Playback
HIMEDIA and Hisilicon are proud of their ability to play video in all formats and frame rates currently on the market and there are always new updates to play the latest Audio / Video formats, best.
With ISO Bluray Video Files, 3D Bluray ISOs are expensive video sources with expensive Android Box or HDplayer on the market but with HIMEDIA from the first Android box also confirmed the difference and strength. Its powerful in video processing these difficult file types. With HIMEDIA Q5 Pro you can easily view the most difficult video formats from the default HIMEDIA player or KODI in all versions.
High-definition 192k audio playback is only possible on CD players or HD players in the tens of millions. The HIMEDIA Q5 Pro, Q10 Pro has done well with DSD / SACD audio decoding and passthrough. Q5 Pro supports 192kHz 24bit LPCM multichannel (5.1 / 7.1) FLAC.

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