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Still adhering to Himedia's advanced hardware design, the Himedia H8 Octacore uses a premium aluminum aluminum case that displays premium hardware. In addition, the use of aluminum covers help the cooler cool and cool during use.
Himedia H8 Octacore boasts the first Android box to use the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system on the market. Again HIMEDIA engineers reaffirmed their No. 1 position in the Android Market.
HIMEDIA H8 Octa Core claims to be able to play Ultra HD video, with stunning image quality, high definition, sharp focus when watching videos on large screens. With 4K2K UHD technology, users can experience smoother, smoother, deeper video, an entirely new experience with the Android Box.
Good image H.265 Hardware
With the H.264 hard drive HIMEDIA H8 Octa Core will help transfer the movie, the same quality and capacity of H.264 video, but for better images that only use half the transmission bandwidth. compared to H.264. This will help HIMEDIA HIMEDIA H8 Octa Core to see high-definition video even in weak interfering environment.
H8EDA H8 Octa Core, the first Android Box to use HDMI 2.0, will increase data throughput up to 18Gbps and this is an improvement on compatibility with new media devices on the market, to help users have the video experience, the best sound.

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