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Himedia - TV Box Himedia Q5IV
Himedia - TV Box Himedia Q5IV

Himedia Q5 is equipped with the heart of HiSilicon 4 core processor with 8-core and 2G ram graphics chip. With such a terrible configuration, Himedia has four times the processing efficiency compared to competitors in the price range. Besides the Himedia Q5 Iv is also covered by an outer shell made of solid aluminum, not only bring a haughty beauty but also help heat dissipation, making the Himedia Q5IV work better. Inside the chip of Himedia Q5 IV are codecs that decode existing video formats, including the latest compression standard, H.265. With the new decoding capability, the Himedia Q5 IV has the ability to watch online movies with Full HD and 4K quality even if you do not have a strong Internet connection. Besides, Himedia Q5 also plays ISO 3D Bluray, 4K, Bluray original full chapter. At present, 4K movies are very limited, but with 4K support, you can rest assured that the new Himedia Q5IV is a long way from the outdated. Speaking of the Himedia Q5 audio, Himedia fully supports it. 5.1, 7.1 surround sound formats; Supports new and old audio systems and passthrough original audio to amplification without sacrificing its inherent quality.

Himedia Q5 IV is equipped with the best connectivity ports such as USB 3.0, Lan highspeed 1Gbps, Optical audio port, and also has AV port to help Himedia Q5 IV also connect to the old TV. Himedia Q5 IV also supports sata connectors, external hard drive connectivity, increased storage capacity and the ability to play original Bluray movies with up to tens or even hundreds of Gb.

The Android 4.4 Qtek Qimedia gives users the best user experience and Android experience. In addition, Himedia also has a built-in CH Play, which gives users the convenience of not having to look for external applications for a very time-consuming installation. Equipped with powerful configurations along with sleek design, Himedia Q5 IV brings you the ultimate, most wonderful experience that deserves to be a member of your home's technology family.

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