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Himedia - TV Box Himedia Q10IV
Himedia - TV Box Himedia Q10IV

With extreme configuration and features, the Himedia Q10 IV is a serious competitor in the android tv box

Powered by quad-core processors and 8-core graphics with 2G of RAM for superb image and sound quality. Memory in 8G uses eMMC chips for data read speeds up to 150Mb / s, making booting faster.

Ability to play 4K 2K UHD

Powered by the quad-core internal chip, it's the most complete codec for video decoding and the 8-core graphics chip to deliver the most realistic and sharpest video possible. Therefore, the ability to watch movies on the H1010 is great. Play ISO 3D Bluray, 4K, Bluray original full chapter, subtitle, built-in codec to play all types of movie formats today.

Hardware decoding H.265.

The H.265 is a new generation video compression standard, capable of doubling the data compression ratio compared to the H.264 compression standard of the same quality. Compared with H.264, the H.265 can transmit data at the same video quality by half the bandwidth, so users can enjoy high-definition video even when the network speed internet is very slow.

Produce the best sound quality like Dolby True HD, DTS HS MA 7.1 ...

Himedia Q10 IV brings the highest audio experience and the best in today's android tv box with the ability to passthrough original blu-ray audio like DTS HD or Dolby True HD 7.1 to high-end surround sound for full enjoyment. what sound brings

Equipped with the best hardware


With USB 3.0, the 1Gbps port provides ultra-fast data transfer rates as well as extremely stable internet connectivity. LED display, function keys with touch-sensitive network to feel luxurious, class and fashion.

It features aluminum, along with a hard drive tray

Himedia has designed and manufactured the Himedia Q10 IV aluminum casing, which has made the Himedia Q10IV a very good heat dissipation, with an extra edge to it. Himedia Q10 IV also has 3.5 "hard drive bay with up to 4TB storage for music, movies, karaoke with the best quality.

Android Kitkat 4.4

Using Android Kitkat 4.4.2 gives users the best experience.

Wireless presentation with AirPlay, Miracast

This feature allows you to share photos, music and movies from your smartphone to your TV easily. Not only that, you can mirror the entire screen on your TV so you and your whole family can use it together.

Remote control with HiControl

Built-in firmware, all you need to do is have the HiControl app installed and installed on your phone, connect both with WiFi and start controlling your Himedia Q10IV with your phone.

Himedia Q10 IV also has a built-in remote, which makes it easy to control the Himedia Q10 IV with all the movie functions set right on the controller. In addition, the remote also has the ability to learn commands from the TV control, making it easy to control and TV and Himedia Q10IV with a single control.

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