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Gpth - Escape Hammer- ES005
Gpth - Escape Hammer- ES005 Gpth - Escape Hammer- ES005 Gpth - Escape Hammer- ES005


  • Escape Hammer  ES005 is made of high quality, ultra hard, super easy to break glass with a very small force.
  • Compact design, feels very firm hands.

A set Escape Hammer  ES005 includes:

  • Bracket: Compact design, just enough to hug the hammer head, saving a lot of space for cars.
  • Two-sided adhesive tape: Formed and cut into the prototype of the backside of the stand, making the holder firmly attached to the car's wall. Adhesive tape can be used on many different types of surface materials such as plastic, glass, carbon, wood ... so it can fit any car.
  • Screwdriver set: Supplied with four screws to secure the holder.
  • Escape Hammer :
    • Sharp tip: Made of super-hard steel, and spiky design helps to generate acceleration at one point
    • Belt cutter: The blade is designed very compact, less than 5mm. Although small, the blade is sharp (sharp), it is possible to cut the seat belt on the car only by a single path

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