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Bolster pillow for pregnant women GLHX127- Korean Cold Velvet Fabric
Bolster pillow for pregnant women GLHX127- Korean Cold Velvet Fabric

 KIDSMART pregnant pillows are sewn by standard size, balanced U-shape, 135 cm x wide and 82 cm wide. This size fits to the shape of every pregnant woman and supports the entire pregnant body best when sleeping. Rest the whole body on the very smooth pillow, easy to rotate horizontally to turn around with any pillow. It is not same to some other types of pregnant women with short size, not supporting all the pregnant women's body, especially for pregnant women with high shape, the width of the pregnant women is "developing". This is the difference of Kidsmart



 5 reasons why women should use pregnant pillows when pregnant

U-shaped bolster pillow is a wonderful companion of pregnant women, helping to ensure health and bring good sleep. This pillow will support your body best when sleeping, avoid back pain, muscle fatigue, cramps and help circulate blood well. Moreover, U-shaped pregnant pillows are very convenient in using it during the time of the pregnancy and after the birth.

Support the body of the best pregnant women
Using U-shaped pregnant pillows is the ideal choice for pregnant women to best care for their health and sleep during pregnancy. U-shaped pillows are designed with long shape, reasonable curves and fit to the natural curve of the pregnant body, to support simultaneously the head, neck, back, abdomen and legs at the same time. Therefore, pregnant women can sleep comfortably with U-shaped pillow even when the belly becomes bigger and bigger


 Product Description

    Kidsmart U-shaped pillows for pregnant women are produced by modern technology, with many years of experience in producing the pillows as well as is combined with US u-shaped pillow patterns, modified to suit Vietnamese people, using materials suitable for the climate in Vietnam.

    On the market nowaday, there are many pillows for pregnant women with many different brands, Kidsmart understands that, so when Kidsmart decided to produce u-shaped pillows for pregnant women, Kidsmart studied carefully the movements of the pregnant ladies when sleeping, combined with materials from prestigious brands in the Vietnamese market to bring a quality and appropriate pregnant pillow. 

  Gối ôm Bà Bầu GOB12- Vải Nhung Lạnh Hàn Quốc


  •    - Pillow case: 100% cold velvet fabric imported from Korea
       - Lining: S
    pandex fabric, 100% cotton
       - Cotton: Marbles Cotton which is used in producing steam pillows, imported from Korea
       - Zipper: Durable, is used by many other garment brands
    - 2-layer products, easy to clean and wash the outer cover


  Gối ôm Bà Bầu GOB12- Vải Nhung Lạnh Hàn Quốc

  Gối ôm Bà Bầu GOB12- Vải Nhung Lạnh Hàn Quốc

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