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Bedside Table 4 drawer
Bedside Table 4 drawer


Bedside cabinets will help decorate your bedroom more beautifully while helping you decorate or store other common items.
With the bedside cabinet will help you decorate more like a night light, alarm clock or other junk. In addition, the bedside table not only adorn the beauty of the bed, but it also makes the bedroom more beautiful and neat.

* Product Description :

- Key Material: Main (Frame, Face, Hook -> Main) White Oak + Backrest (Towing, Back ...) Pine + Veneer Oak

-Reducation (Envelope): Horizontal 100 x Depth 42 x Height 85 cm

- Sliding Drawer Drawer: Ray Slap

- Status: Export Song Song

- Color: Face (Frame, Frame) Gold Wood Natural + White Detail attached

- Characteristics: Natural Yellow Combination + Very Unique White

- Production: Vietnam

- Elegant Design, Simple Color Suitable for all interior styles


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