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Inflatable Bed- Premaire 1.52m - Intex
Inflatable Bed- Premaire 1.52m - Intex

- Convenience, low cost, comfortable, comfortable, good for the spine, cool in summer, warm in winter but still not squeaked by smart gas zones, easy to pump and discharge away only in 1 minute; easy to wash, wash, clean when dirty, not to absorb water in the inside, not hot and squash in summer cushion such as regular foam or cotton padding; Can be folded small, compact in suitcases or cabinets when not in use

- INTEX genuine air cushion products made from PVC imported from the US and Germany according to the leading technology of the US, 100% of the products before being exported were checked by the factory not down within 10 days, warranty Genuine 12 months, so you can rest assured that the cushion does not drop slightly during use.

In fact, when using Steam bed compared to conventional foam and cotton padding, it will be more airy and cool because of the airy grooves, the velvet coating on the surface to avoid the buffer surface directly contacting the skin. , creating a feeling of comfort and ventilation for guests when lying in hot weather

In winter, when adding a blanket, the bed keeps the heat very well. So warm in winter and cool in summer so it can be used all year round.

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