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Newly inflated new technology 99cm INTEX -  (64132)
Newly inflated new technology 99cm INTEX -  (64132)


- Convenient, low cost, comfortable, good for the spine, cool in the summer, warm in winter without getting stuck by the smart gas, easy pumping and discharge only in 1 minute; easy to wash, wash, clean when dirty, do not water in the interior, not hot and summer cushion cushion, such as mattress pad or cotton pad usually; Can fold, compact in the suitcase or when not in use

- INTEX genuine cushion products are made from PVC imported from the US and Germany according to the leading technology of the US, 100% of products before the export was checked factory does not down within 10 days, warranty Genuine 12 months, so you peace of mind to not lose steam during use.

Bed products are integrated electric pump should be easy to use. INTEX inflatable bed using new technology Fibertech super durable with elastic fibers, feel very comfortable for people lying. The design of the pillow design is extremely convenient, giving you deep sleep

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In fact, when used with steam mattresses and padded cotton wool, it is generally breathable and cooler due to the airy grooves, flattened surface coatings to avoid contact surfaces on the skin. , create a sense of comfort, sweat ventilation for guests when in hot weather

In the winter, when the blanket is added, the bed is very warm. It is therefore warm in winter and cool in summer so it can be used all year round.

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