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Patin Shoes Flying S5s
Patin Shoes Flying S5s

- Shoes body: Synthetic plastic is made of plastic so it is durable, impact resistant. The body of the shoes has the ability to withstand up to 50kg weight, protect and help prevent ankle flip when using.
- Liner (Boot fabric): Polyester fiber fabric is thick and smooth. Along with a clear mesh, embracing the foot ring gives users a sense of comfort. Easy Entry design makes it easier to bring in patents. The elastic fabric can be stretched according to the length of the legs, making it comfortable for children to slip.
- Aluminum frame: Extruded Aluminum
- Shock Eraser: Shockproof base- Plastic cover: produced by synthetic material, strong impact resistance.

- Boot (lining): 2-way elasticity, giving children the feeling of always feeling sure, smooth when wearing shoes.
- Size adjustment button: just press the button and push and push it can easily be adjusted to fit the baby's feet.
- Frame (more) made of solid aluminum alloy, high strength, anti-rust. Good elastic rubber wheel

Size: S (28 ~ 32), ages 2 to 4 years old
Size: M (33 ~ 37), ages 6 to 14 years old
Size: L (38 ~ 42), age over 15 years old

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