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One-wheel patin shoes
One-wheel patin shoes

One-wheel shoes, also called Patin 1-heeled shoes, is a sport shoes with 1 wheel in the heel, 2 in 1 sports shoes, and a pair of trendy sports shoes that can help you slip patin is like a roller skating shoes. Under the sole of the shoes, there is a semi-automatic wheel, tired at the time, you want to slide faster, you can mount the wheel and slide, when you don't need it anymore, you can take it off to walk it Become a normal sports shoes. Really very convenient !!

Wheel shoes with short ankle are suitable for active young people who love comfort.

Shoes with the same design as normal sports shoes, they can replace sports shoes when going out, going to school, going out or playing to slide beautiful movements like a pair of shoes.

Product information:
- Product name: 1 wheel HL shoes
- Color: blue gray
- Style: 1 wheel

- Full size

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