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Patin Shoes Flying Eagle F2s
Patin Shoes Flying Eagle F2s

• Shoes lock: lock closed semi-automatic tradition easy to use, create a standard form to hug your feet when sliding will not be overturned.
• Shoes body: made of sturdy plastic resistant to high strength that cannot be removed permanently, making the player safer. Flying Eagle skates are equipped with removable brake pads that can be easily replaced to prevent scratched shoes to retain their new look.
• Boot shoes: made of high technology from elastic fibers, smooth and comfortable, breathable fabric layers help sweat to escape easily through open spaces.
• Shock Heel: Under Flying eagle F2s shoes, there is an additional design for anti-shock pads to help players significantly reduce the impact when exercising on the ground is not good.
• Wheels: has 85A hardness and good design. There are 3 sizes of 72mm, 76mm.80mm depending on the size of the shoe and sorted by shoe size. With the line of shoes for adults, it is arranged in a series of channel wheels to help people easily move and move with the skill.
• Bearings of Flying Eagle patin shoes using Abec7 bearings, with a high carbon outer layer. With the choice, F2 s will be a trusted friend

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