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Patin Shoes Cougar 835LSG
Patin Shoes Cougar 835LSG

- Frame is made from high quality alloy.
- Wheels made from mixed rubber, bearings using good quality ABEG 7 balls.
- Eye-catching shape, attracting attention, creating interest for children.
- Patin Cougar 835LSG shoes with sturdy, strong, dynamic shoes. Children 's roller skates with many outstanding features will definitely give your baby the comfort of sliding.
- Boot shoe: The lining of Patin Cougar 835LSG skates is very soft and thick, ensuring safety for the baby's legs when moving.
- Frame: made from solid alloy.
- Wheels: Constructed with mixed rubber. Wheel with light-emitting system on the first wheel.
- Bearings: used on ABEC ball bearings 7.
- Color: 4 colors including light pink, red black, yellow and black
- Size: 3 adjustable sizes including size S (30-33), size M (34-37), size L (38-42)

Cougar pcg 8 Patin for babies that bring many outstanding advantages. Some outstanding features of the product can be mentioned as:

Perfect quality
This is a product from the Cougar brand one of the famous Patin shoes brand for prestige. Cougar has a long history of development, all products are carefully controlled for quality before being launched.

Products are guaranteed all standards of quality from seams, wheels, cushion fabrics, shoe soles ... Therefore, you are completely assured of quality when choosing products.

High safety
The product has high safety thanks to its unique design. The first is the very thick and soft lining of Cougar pcg 8 Patin, they are attached to the external hard plastic part to secure firmly. Next, the part is made from high-grade alloy so it is very solid, no distortion has occurred during use.

In addition, the wheels are made of rubber, the bearings use good quality ABEG 7 balls. Make sure the kids will use the safest shoes, the longest life.

Diverse, eye-catching
Patin Cougar pcg 8 is very eye-catching, attracting attention, creating interest for children. Shoes with 4 outstanding colors including light pink, red black, yellow and black. With 4 colors can be suitable for both girls and boys, is relatively outstanding.

In particular, the wheel is also fitted with flashing lights that attract each movement.

Reasonable product price
Products are evaluated in TOP of the best quality cheap patin shoes. Products are affordable but always bring high safety for babies when used.

Thanks to the above features, Patin Cougar pcg 8 is becoming the best-selling product, selected by many parents for children.

Value for use Patin Cougar pcg 8 
Products used for children from 10 to 16 years old, products with 3 sizes suitable for foot sizes from 30 to 42cm. The product is used at rollerblading yards, or used for children to slip on the road.

The life of the product can last more than 3 years if you know how to store it properly.

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