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FORBIS - Eye Wash 100ml
FORBIS - Eye Wash 100ml

Product Description

Various stresses and eye disesases can be prevented by maintaining clean eyes Characteristics

This product is formulated to reduce eye fatigue, dryness, bloodshot and bacterial infection and to clear irritating debris way in pet's eyeball with maintaining the eyes clean and comfortable.

Direction for use:

1. Carefully drop 1-2 drops into the eyes and then massage eyelids gently to get spread evenly.

2. Place the formula slantly to rinse out fur and other debris in the eyeball easily.

3. Repeat this process until eyeballs are cleaned thoroughly


* When you treat eye trouble, use the product according to veterinarians instruction.

* If any wound, skin disorder such as red spot, sweeling, etc before use, consult veterinarian.

* Stop using the cleaner and consult us or veterinarian in case of following disorders( adverse effects : red spot, swelling, itching etc)

* For canine / feline use only.

* Consult veterinarian before using the product for weak constitution during medication, aged dog or during pregnancy.

* Dont use the contaminated, discolored or corrupt product.

* For external use only.

* Dont apply to animal less than 6 weeks after birth


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