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Fissler  - Fissler Pro Collection Saucepan, 16cm

18/10 stainless steel - durable, heat-transferable and safe for health.

18/10 or stainless steel, is used mainly in the field of medicine and space. Made of 18/10 stainless steel in accordance with German standards, the Fissler Original Pro body is sturdy, durable, transmitting and holding good heat, beautiful and glossy for a long time. And above all, because of the direct contact with the food, the 18/10 steel pot body used by Fissler must always be safe for heating even when heated to high temperatures. when used for years.

In addition to this 18/10 stainless steel material you can easily clean it after cooking gently with soft cloth wipers with conventional dishwashers. After a long period of use, you can use Fissler polish to polish the pot like new!

Exclusive Cookstar Bottom with 3-ply pot bottom - Works well with any kitchen.

The bottom is good, the heat transfer is guaranteed - new food is better, better and saves time cooking.

Bottom Base Fissler Original Pro combines 3 layers of metal to optimize the performance of each material: the inner food contact is 18/10 stainless steel for health, in the middle is the disc 8mm aluminum gives the best heat transfer and 18/0 stainless steel outer layer helps fissler use it well on all types of cookers - including cookers. It is made of 3 layers, but with baked bottom technology flowing at temperatures as high as 600oC with a capacity of 1500 tons, three layers of this pot sticking firmly together as one. Unlike when stamping with conventional technology, the formation of bubbles in the bottom of the bed, leading to poor heat transfer or the bottom is easily curled.

Especially in the outermost layer of the pot with star-shaped Cookstar design is not just an eye-catching design, a feature that identifies Fissler products, but with elaborate calculations of size and shape. An innovative invention addresses the problem of thermal expansion when heating a metal, keeping the bottom flat, absorbing all the heat from the stove and spreading it evenly throughout the kettle, even if the heat source provides only Focus on a point as you use the gas.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Fissler - Quánh Fissler Pro 16cm

* Experimental simulation of heat transmission spread uniformly of the bottom of Cookstar Original Pro pot, the bottom of the opponent heat conductor less, so the powder just focused around the heat contact.

Long handle, extremely sturdy - Handlebar hook in handy

With sophisticated welding technique, the handle is attached to the body, you can be assured of long-term use. The Fissler Original Pro is not hot - this is Fissler groundbreaking invention since 1980. The body and handle are securely welded together with a metal layer that is heat-insulating and hollow design right in the heat transfer part. Handles make the handle of the pot not hot when heated by electric stove. Combined with a long, sturdy handle design, it is easy to pour out food or easily handle the handle when making dishes that need to be stirred like baby powder or sauces.

Convenient scales - Large recessed pots that easily pour out fast food that keeps the kitchen clean

This feature is useful when you want to pour food into bowls, make homemade bread or especially handy for mothers with small children, need to pour food into the bottle to refrigerate. little


Diameter: 16cm
Volume: 1.4 liters

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