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Fissler -  Fissler Edition Pressure Cooker 22cm - 4.5L

Fissler Edition Pressure Cooker 22cm - 4.5L - German famous Fissler 22cm - 4.5L cooker. Safe, clear, friendly, easy to use, convenient and fast with daily cooking. Fissler Pressure Cooker is Fissler newest and most advanced pressure cooker that impresses with its unique design, stylized handle, yet extremely handy, neat and space saving.

Product information
- Easily closed in the lid and used with a marker, safety lock and water mark:
Position indicator on the lid allows you to open and close the pot easily and accurately.
When the Fissler Edition Pressure Cooker is correctly closed, you will hear the sound coming from the hand-held, well-pressed, and the red on the handle will turn green. Only then can the pressure build up inside the pot to cook food.
In addition, the actual waterline markings within the pot body indicate the minimum and maximum cooking levels - making it easy to observe and measure liquid levels when cooking.
- 3 cooking modes suitable for each dish:
Mode 1 is gentle: suitable for dishes such as vegetables or fish.
2 speed modes: suitable for meat dishes and stews.
Free-pressure steam steam mode: In this mode, the cooker operates without pressure, you can see, stir and condiment at any time.
- Clear and safe: During the cooking process, three color bars appear in turn on the control valve to indicate what is going on inside the pot:
Yellow: signaling the pot is nearing the set heat, you can lower / turn the kitchen light off.
Green: Indicates the pot has reached the set temperature and starts counting the cooking time.
And red: the temperature is too high, the pressure regulator automatically releases water and pressure to bring the pot back to blue.
- 2 dehumidification modes: quick release and slow release for each food type.
- Fissler best-in-use CookStar Bottom Technology optimizes absorption, transmission and heat retention, improves food rancidity, and, in particular, saves you time, energy and fuel. Suitable for all types of kitchen, including the kitchen.

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