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Fissler - Fissler Hamburg Collection Pan set-5 piece

Superthermic technology with 3-layer pot bottom - Good for all types of cookers.
To cook your dish is cooked, delicious you should choose the pot with pot bottom, thick, good heat transfer material! Consider pots that can be cooked on any type of kitchen so you do not have to wonder when you want to replace the new kitchen.

Fissler Paris stainless steel base combines 3 layers of metal to optimize the efficiency of each material: the inner food contact section is 18/10 stainless steel safe for health, in the middle is the plate 6mm aluminum gives the best heat transfer and 18/0 stainless steel outer layer makes the Fissler cooker easy to use on all types of cookers - including magnetic cookers.

With the technology of stamping pot bottom at temperatures as high as 600oC with a force of 1500 tons, these three layers of adhesive are firmly attached together as one. Unlike conventional stamping, which leads to the formation of crevices in the bottom of the pot, resulting in poor heat transfer, or the bottom of the pot being prone to warping, the bottom of the Fissler Paris is thick and flat, absorbing the full amount. Heat from the kitchen and spread evenly over the pot, even if the source of heat is just one point when you use the gas stove.

Material 18/10 stainless steel - durable, heat transfer good and safe for health.
Because of the direct contact with the food, the 18/10 steel pot body used by Fissler must always be safe for human health whether it is heated to high temperatures or when used for many years.

Steel 18/10 is used mainly in the field of medicine and space. Using 18/10 stainless steel in accordance with German standards, the Fissler Paris pot body is sturdy, durable, heat transfer and good, glossy and beautiful for a long time. With this 18/10 stainless steel you can easily clean it after cooking gently with soft pots with regular dishwashing liquid. After a long period of use, you can use Fissler polish to polish the pot like new!

Transparent glass lid allows easy viewing of the cooking process

Thanks to the weight as well as the tight fitting design of the pot, the lid is always closed to help ripen the food, as well as keep warm when you do not need to eat immediately. The lid of the Fissler Paris is heat resistant up to 180 ° C not only beautiful but also easy to observe food. In addition, the lid of the Fissler is slightly curved to help steam evaporate when boiling food will condense and compact into the pot, helping to minimize the steam as well as store flavor dishes.

Sturdy handles, large bread rims easily poured food
Fissler Paris handles are made from polished 18/10 stainless steel, designed simple but comfortable grip, are attached to the body of the pot, ensuring no loose or shaken long time use.

With a large pot ring design, you can quickly pour food into a bowl or create homemade bread quickly without fear of food being thrown into the kitchen. Especially useful for mothers with young children can pour food into the bottle to refrigerate easily.

Stainless steel pots Fissler Paris 24cm - 5.7L
Stainless steel pot Fissler Paris 20cm - 3,6L
Stainless steel pots Fissler Paris 16cm - 2,1L
Stainless steel pot Fissler Paris 20cm - 2,4L
Fissler Paris stainless steel 16cm - 1,4L

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