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Fissler - Fissler Hamburg Collection Pan set-4 piece

Make your cooking more enjoyable with the 4-piece Fissler Hamburg set made entirely in Germany, molded from 18/10 stainless steel, durable, shiny, durable at the same time. Three-layer pot, quick heat absorption, heat dissipation, fast food, ripe, full flavor, perform various functions from cooking, stew, ware, cooking hot pot fried, fried The Insulated handles, safe for use.

Bộ nồi Fissler Hamburg 4 món- Sản xuất nguyên chiếc tại Đức

Set of 4 Fissler Hamburg pots, glasses include:
- 01 Stewpot pot Ø24cm - Capacity 5.7L

- 01 Stewpot pot Ø20cm - Capacity 3.6L

- 01 crock pot Ø20cm - Capacity 2.4L

- 01 Stewpot pot Ø16cm - Capacity 2.1L


- Brand prestige, production unit in Germany

The four-piece Fissler Hamburg is the product of the worlds leading home appliance brand - Fissler, which is manufactured in Germany, on modern European technology, for the best quality.


- Material is made of stainless steel 18/10, anti-burn, safe for users

Whole pot body, lid and handle are made of stainless steel 18/10. This type of stainless steel is capable of magnetism, low heat, so only a small amount of stainless steel 18/10 stainless steel absorbs the body, lid and handle only keep warm to prevent burns to users.

- Convenient design for the user

The pot of Fissler Hamburg 4 versatile dishes can be used to prepare all dishes from cooking soup, hot pot, boiled ... to fried, fried, roasted. In the water meter scale, convenient for users. The handle on the wall is curved long, easy to move the pot

- 3 layers of heat-conducting floor quickly save energy

The inner layer in contact with food is 18/10 stainless steel (18/10 Stainless Steel), absolutely safe for health. Aluminum Alloy: The aluminum alloy core (Alumium Alloy) absorbs and dissipates throughout the bottom of the pot for rapid heating. Heat in the pot is spread evenly in the center, so that the food is ripe and nutritional value. The largest is 430 stainless steel or 430 stainless steel according to the standards of the American Iron Institute with extreme corrosion resistance and magnetism.

- Use with the kitchen of the kitchen, magnetic kitchen

- Easy cleaning, good heat retention

A smooth, glossy, anti-adhesive, fast wash oil, grease and stubborn stains

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