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QQWatch C002 GPS child watch with long-lasting battery and waterproof
QQWatch C002 GPS child watch with long-lasting battery and waterproof

QQWatch C002 GPS child watch with long-lasting battery and waterproof becomes the first choice of many customers today, especially children from primary school up, thanks to the outstanding features of the type. design, color as well as extremely diverse and intelligent operation features.

Smart watches are becoming more and more diverse and bring more choices to customers. In particular, cheap smart watches for children are also very focused, in which stand out with the product model QQWatch C002 GPS child watch with long waterproof battery.

In the high-end watch phone segment, QQWatch C002 has become one of the outstanding products trusted and selected by customers.

This is a product of QQWatch, code C002, belonging to the GPS locator segment. The watch is equipped with many smart features, similar to smart phone, tablet devices, long battery and beautifully design.


- Material
The watch is made of ABS plastic and safe silicon, and is equipped with the latest Nano coating technology, allowing the watch to withstand dirt and water with the IP67 standard.

- Design style
Design style of funny and lovely watch with large, square-screen touch screen. The strap of the watch version is large, with small, lovely small holes, creating a very unique accent and suitable for the interests and tastes of young children.


Technical specifications
- No GSM radiation, safe for small children
- Three positioning map modes (2D map, satellite map and combination map)
- Monitor travel log (Record clock movement history)
- Safety zone installation (Electronic fence mode)
- Mode in the classroom, the watch goes into silent mode, at this time you cannot make a call to the watch in the usual way
- Manually disable power off mode: When this mode is turned on, QQ Watch C002 cannot be turned off
- Sport mode measures the daily amount of movement of the child (Number of walking steps, number of kcal consumption and number of miles the child can walk in a day)
- Listen to remote monitoring, listen to sounds from the surrounding environment, take photos remotely with 2.0 MP camera
- Remote control: Find the remote clock, remote power off, remote alarm.
- Schedule a remote power on and off for the clock. This feature allows the watch to not be pinned when charging overnight.


Application and advantages of QQWatch C002 GPS child watch

- Long battery with good water resistance
- The reason, this watch is crowded with customers love and choice is due to the extremely diverse and smart features that it brings. This watch allows users to conveniently listen, call, text, and so on like a regular phone. In addition, the watch also has accurate GPS positioning, enabling parents to monitor and monitor children through the GPS location displayed on their connected phone device and travel log in the field. baby's lake

QQWatch C002 GPS child watch with good long-lasting battery is a line of quality, persistent children watches, integrating many smart features that are extremely affordable.

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